Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hey there!!!

It just takes time to do anything and do it well. Take for instance this blog! I sort of put up 2 sites for blogging....lynniebbags....and....lynnbadamo. What was I thinking? Confusion abounds. Not sure if I should do both or just one. My etsy friends will know me from lynniebbags, and my personal friends know me as lynnbadamo. Could be worse, huh! Decisions, decisions.

Well, I am working on these little coin purses and boy are they going to be cute. takes time to learn a new thing and time to make it great. I found a great seller on from Thailand who provided me with these purse frames. I have lots of fabric to create these little gems. I will soon be posting some on my Etsy site as soon as I create a great looking one that doesn't have glue all over it.

Anyhoo....thanks for stopping by and check out my Etsy shop!

Take care and God bless you real good!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Learning how to Blog!

Hi there!

First of all, if you find you way to my blog...welcome! I could talk about all sorts of things but first I have to learn how to post a blog. Then advertise it, then keep up with it. So let's see, I am going to try and get this to the first page and then I shall give my opinion, tell you what I am up to, and talk to you about things about my life!

Here goes!